Video Productions

Share The Knowledge - 2nd Edition

Click the image for the video.
Promotional videoclip for ADI (Italian Doctoral students Association) of Padova, of the second edition
"Share The Knowledge" contest, with the winning song of the first edition.
Director, shooting and editor.

Marotta & Russo: How To Disappear

Documentation of the exhibition "How To Disappear" by the artists Marotta & Russo, organized inside the Artefiera events in Bologna.
Video made in collaboration with Giacomo Vidoni.

Enrico Nadai - With your love

Music video for Enrico Nadai.
Art Director and shooting.

DJ Firejoy - Over and Over [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Music video for Giulio Tonon - Dj Firejoy.
Writer, director and editor.

The Province of Treviso - OggiTreviso

Video production for the leading online newspaper of the province of Treviso, to be used as the Facebook cover page.
Director, shooting and editor.

Facebook Page OggiTreviso
Website OggiTreviso

De Grote Pit Show 2017 - Aftermovie

Video production for the summer festival of De Pit, a Dutch restaurant and pizzeria, located along the beach near the port of Rottherdam.
Shooting and editing.

Video on Facebook
Facebook Page Strandtent De Pit
Website Strandtent De Pit

Teaser De Grote Pit Show

Video production to promote the "De Grote Pit Show", the summer festival of the restaurant-pizzeria De Pit, located along the Dutch beach, near the port of Rottherdam.
Concept, shooting (exept De Pit Show 2016) and editing.

Video on FecebookFacebook Page Strandtent De Pit
Website Strandtent De Pit

London - The Open City

Shooting and Editing.

M-O-D-U-S in V-E-N-I-C-E

Video for the collateral exhibition of the 2017 Venice Biennale "M-O-D-U-S: Techniques - Poetics - Materials - in Contemporary Art".
The idea of this video is to tell, with a different eye, not sweetening and far from the classic cliché on the city, the Venetian environment in which the exhibition took place.
Written, shooting and editing.

Website M-O-D-U-S

Irinox Tutorial

Production of dozens of video tutorials for the company "Irinox spa". Creation and creation of the animated concept of the company logo.

Share The Knowledge! - ADI Padova

Promotional video for PhD students of Padova and the "Share The Knowledge" contest.
Direction, shooting and editing.

Video on Facebook

J-AX Live @ Odissea

Aftermovie of the rapper J-AX at Odissea (Anima).
Shooting in collaboration with Giorgio Silvestri.

"The Human Dream of Flying" - Fashion Performance @ Venice Fashion Night

Documentation of the fashion show "The Human Dream of Flying" - Concept Collection (by Davide Zocca) Fashion Performance @ Venice Fashion Night