Altre Attività

Artistic Director "Comedy Golden"

Organizer of the Stand Up Comedy "Comedy Golden" exhibition at the Bar Radio Golden in Conegliano. The first Stand Up Comedy show of the Province of Treviso.
Organization of evenings, direction of online communication, creation of advertising content (graphics, videos, photos). The novelty of this review? It's one the first periodical show of Stand Up Comedy organized in a small town.

Idiot Squad - Video as a Youtuber

With the youtuber mood, this is a short film produced with the sole purpose of creating something fun. "Idiot Squad". A team, an agent and a suitcase. The mission is simple. Steal the suitcase and take it to the meeting point. But perhaps, not everyone is engaged in the same mission. Have fun and enjoy it!


Four young artists, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, winners of the "arTVision - A Live Art Channel" contest, recount their experience at the 72nd Venice Film Festival, accompanying the viewer in their mind and in their observations and visions through an audiovisual narrative in the form of a diary, characterized by the contamination of different stylistic forms and narrated through a mix of various audiovisual languages, ranging from blobs, to vertical cutting, to classic film reportage, amalgamated through field recording . There are two narrative voices in which the boys identify themselves: a masculine, which accompanies the "real" story in the most classic stylistic form of documentary reportage, including interviews, conferences, etc., and a feminine one, which highlights the most "visionary-oneiric" aspects "Typical of the technique of vertical cutting, where the emotional aspects of the lived circumstances are amplified and visually underlined by the use of desaturated, deformed images, suggesting a state of estrangement. The result is a product with a fresh and ironic cut that starts with a reflection: how contemporary is this Film Festival?

Analyst Tv Talk - Rai3

Analyst inside the "TV Talk" show, broadcast on Rai 3 (Channel 3 on National Public Television) on Saturday afternoon at 3.10 pm, for the 2015/2016 edition.

TV Talk is a talk show in which we discuss mainly programs, characters and behind the scenes of Italian TV, sometimes also of other mass media.

Information evenings about Violence against Women

Born as a single evening (very participated, almost a hundred people) in December 2013, then developed in three successive sessions with the lawyer Simonetta Busatto, a series of informative meetings to understand what violence on Women is, to know stories of violence "giving voice" not only to the victims, but also to men who have been able to react, to find out what they can do people who know of difficult situations, and who don't know how to move. Organized evenings not as classic conferences, but introduced by theatrical interventions, reportage video ("Out of Focus Stories") and finally brief guest interventions with a public debate.

stART | Give Shape to Creativity

Co-founder/author/organizer, online communication (video, social network) of stART: Giving Shape to Creativity.
Until the end of June 2014.
Co-founder of "stART", I developed the online communication of the project launching on the social media the first exhibition "stART Exhibition #1" and then the first "stART Festival".
Managing online communication I made seven video productions, two photographic reportages, created contacts with the "Lago Film Festival", "Kantiere Misto" and differents artistic associations of the region, activated a channel of communication with artists of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, created a primordial online artist community and the promotion of the project, collecting more than a thousand followers on facebook pages in less than nine months and hundreds of video contacts on youtube. Thus contributing to the success of the first two events of the project and giving it the propulsion and credibility to continue and evolve.

Stories Out of Focus - Video Reportage

Stories Out of Focus. The idea of this project is simple, telling with short videos, stories and/or themes that are not always easy to tell. A new format, consisting of interviews, funny scenes, small trips, and difficult issues faced with the eyes of those who don't know, but want to know.
The first three episodes made were broadcast in the early evening on the "AntennaTre Nordest" television network.

Cosa Nostra: to know and remember

The draft Paolo Pandin and Marino Menoncello, created on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the killings of Falcone and Borsellino, was created to remember and learn about not only the history of these two heroes, but also of the Mafia and anti-mafia. The project, planned to be directed especially to young people, but not only, was presented at ISIS A. Palladio in Treviso (twice, one of which, before the intervention of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor P. Grasso), at the House of Living DP Saint Lucia di Piave (where we had the honor to have as a guest of the Deputy Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Venice, Dr. Roberto Terzo), and thanks to a collaboration with "Libera: Association Names and numbers against mafias" at an Institute in Castelfranco Veneto.