Who I am? Paolo Pandin, 24 years old.
What do I do? I'm what they call a "videomaker", but I also do other things. So I would be what they call a "creative".
Since I was a child I wanted to be a videomaker and above all tell stories. But in these years I have not only done this job. I was an animator, a blogger, a photographer, organized artistic events, written monologues, curated Stand Up Comedy and I was Professor of Graphic and Communication Laboratory at ISIS Marco Fanno di Conegliano. But above all, help pizza maker for a short time.
Probably now you are thinking: why do you talk about pizza? Because pizza needs a very long process to made it. First there is the pre-production: we need good ingredients, know how to prepare the dough, have the patience that the pasta dough grows up and prepare the fire in the oven that should not be too "high" or too "low". Then there is the production: we must smooth the dough, put the ingredients in the correct order to satify the customer. Then the post-production: take the shovel and bake the pizza, which must remain in the oven only the necessary time and no more. Finally you'll serve the pizza and the customer will taste it. A long process to create a fantastic and apparently simple dish. Like the the videomaker and the communicator's work. But above all, pizza makes customers happy and in pizzeria you know many people. That's why the pizza chef's work is extraordinary, because it allows you to know humanity, know how to satisfy and make the people happy. Like a videomaker. All this to tell you that I love pizza